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One of my favorite words is Freedom.  Freedom translates as liberation from anything that holds you back in life.  What holds most people back are the following blocks: past trauma, depression, anger, fear, anxiety, judgments, limiting beliefs and perceptions, cultural conditioning, generational patterning, lack of health and vitality, dis-ease…and more. Often times when one or more of those blocks are dominant or prevalent in a person’s life, that person is identified with that way of being.  More often than not, that person feels defeated, isolated, separated, alone, and despondent. They have lost the sparkle in their eyes and they have resigned themselves to the belief that life is just this way.


As a spiritual advocate I am here to collaborate with you on different possibilities.  The possibility of you believing again, the possibility of you healing the wounds of the past. The possibility of you liberating your heart to go all in and love with wild abandon.  What if you and I talked about your dreams? What if you got in touch with the excitement within you again or maybe for the first time? What would it be like to feel momentum and joy more often than not? Is it possible that I can advocate for your health, happiness, and overall willingness to go all in and live a life of a dreamer?


I not only believe it is possible, I know it is probable with your willingness to take that step.  I too am the wounded warrior who has gone down the path of healing. I too have wanted to give up in the past and I also have felt defeated.  Climbing out of the ditch of defeat can feel daunting, but I had other wounded warriors by my side who advocated for my soul. Spirit was right beside me, sometimes carrying me out of the ditch and breathing new life into me.  Often times, I would only be required to take one little baby step. Even that step felt daunting. Yet I had spiritual warriors by my side who stood in for me and made me believe that I could take that baby step. Step by step I learned how to heal, and I remembered how to dream.  I became a believer again and I reconnected to that Light within me that gave me a passion for assisting others in reconnecting to that Light within them.


I cannot do the work for you.  I cannot heal you. But I can advocate for your Soul.  I can be a lighthouse for you and assist in guiding you back to your heart and heal it so it can beat with passion and joy again.


The services I offer vary depending on who I am collaborating with. Occasionally, we will work with the practices and principles of Spiritual Psychology.  Other times, I will observe you and work with you on the energetic field of Spirit. We will pray, we will go on a vision quest, we may retrieve a part of your soul that you may have lost, and I may Illuminate a part of you that requires Light to re-enter.  There are many different techniques on the medicine wheel. No one technique works for everyone. I will collaborate with you and with Spirit in order to stand by your side as you climb out of your own ditch. I will show you which steps you can take in order to get out of that ditch faster and forever. You’ll learn to recognize pitfalls along the way of life, and you will receive guidance in navigating the human experience in a way that only true Freedom can bring. I look forward to watching you liberate yourself from all of the things that were once emotional chains. Together, we will find your dreams and start living your visions.  Once and for all you will Liberate Yourself to Love.







Ancient healing practices have always recognized the physical body as being surrounded by the unseen energetic body.  This energetic body is often referred to in English as the “Luminous Energy Field,” or “LEF.”  Like your DNA, the LEF stores significant encoding.  It is essential to an individual’s physical and emotional health that the energy field is cleared of affinities and imprints.  Illuminations upgrade the quality of the LEF and is a core practice of Shamanic energy medicine.  When we think of spiritual practices, we are acknowledging the unseen and we are becoming familiar with navigating the unseen.  This includes our own Light Bodies.  Anyone who practices in energy medicine has been witness to what many perceive as “miracles.”  Those who practice energy medicine understand that in fact, “miracles” are actually the right use of tools that have always been available to us when we are in the right relationship with ourselves and the Infinite.  Those working with energy medicine see past the diagnosis and track where in the individuals field the shift is needed.  This seemingly subtle shift is what I attribute to the freedom to remove the blocks that once had you stuck. The shifts create a space to let the Light in and that is when the real healing begins.


Resetting Fight or Flight

This is an ancient method of resetting the fight or flight response within the body.  When you are in a constant state of fear and reaction, your perceptions and decisions are made in haste.  While you may intend to be Centered when you are navigating the roads in life, you often end up on auto-pilot and the one driving the vehicle of your body is fear, frantic thoughts and reactions. Together, with the decoupling process, I will assist you in coming back into a place of Inner Peace.  Once there, you will have a better capacity to tune into the True North of your Soul’s guidance.


Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval is an ancient practice of going on a journey of faith and reviewing the past trauma written on the walls of the individuals lifetime.  Often times when trauma occurs we feel like we have lost a part of ourselves.  Ancient practices have known for centuries that in fact you do lose a part of you.  It is the part of your soul that has elected out of that experience.  We will journey to that part of you, the lost part and reunite so together you are able to fully be Present to the remainder of your journey in this lifetime.

Soul Retrieval

This is where we connect with your dreams.



This is where we let go of the idea of fate and we instead design by destiny. This is a sacred practice of dreaming your world into Being.

Destiny Retrieval

Destiny Retrieval
Vision Quest

Vision Quests

This is a ceremony of connecting to the Oneness and opening to your Divine Power.  You will see visions and learn ways to connect to those visions until they become your living vision. 

Death Rights

This is a sacred process to give to a person transitioning from the physical body back into the Infinite.  When it is done while the person is still in the physical body, it gives the person the opportunity to come into right relationship with the life they have lived and to let go and come into Peace.  It is a time for the “I Love Yous” which are so often withheld.  It is time for everyone involved to practice in the Way Beyond Death.  I have been honored to sit with individuals on their journey of transition and to work with the families as they too learn to let go. 


If the person has already transitioned, yet there was trauma or a lack of inner peace surrounding the passing, I am granted the rite to assist in working at the soul level.

Death Rites

Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremony

It is the phoenix who rises from the ashes…


Often done on the New Moon or the Full Moon, this is where shamans from around the world gather by the world fire in order to dream the world into being.  They are the Earth Keepers and the visionaries. At fire ceremonies, we are there to join the sacred place of dreams and transformation. We will honor our elders, pay respect to the unseen forces that assist us, and let the fire transform us.  It is the phoenix who rises from the ashes…

Spirtual Coaching

Along the way in life we may pick up things that do not belong to us.  Maybe they are habits that we acquired from another, or a philosophy that has been governing our lives but really is not ours.  In this practice, I will assist in the letting go and release of affinities that do not serve you.


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