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Coffee Meditation

Good morning ☀️

Coffee or tea meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️

Mediation does not need to look or be a certain way. We have walking meditations and even dancing meditations. I came up with this idea of a coffee meditation.

Rather than scroll through social media and sip try this:

For ceremony sake, you can choose a beautiful or meaningful mug. After you make your coffee or tea, say a prayer or a blessing over it.

If it’s nice outside, sit outside with your coffee or tea. If not, find a beautiful space inside. Take in a deep breath. Set your intention to go within to the infinite space. Your eyes can be open and observing something beautiful.

For every sip you take, allow the warmth of the coffee or tea to awaken your voice. The one you may be hiding or modifying due to judgments, fears, or perceived limitations. Activate your voice with each sip.

Go into your heart and ask it what it wants to say and then move back to your throat and ask that it free the lines between your heart and your throat to allow a space for your heart to speak. Clear any blocks with each sip.

Close your eyes between sips- what’s there in the infinite space. Can you connect to the vastness of all that is, even if just for a moment? Take another deep Breath. Invite the infinite voice to speak through you, as you, because in truth, you are the infinite ♾✨ expressing as you. So beautiful and true, no matter what you’ve been told or what you believe. We are not limited to the behaviors or events of our past. In moments of peace and meditation we can cut the chains that imprison our identities to the past and free ourselves into the infinite

possibilities of our highest vision of Self. The one your heart believes in and knows to be true. In an instant you can align with your greatest heart’s desires. Forgive yourself for anything you are holding against yourself. Anything... allow the warmth of your coffee or tea to warm your body with true love. Baptize yourself into a moment of freedom and an alignment of truth. Thank yourself for showing up today with a willingness to open your heart and free your voice. You are brave. Send a prayer or a blessing to another.

Enjoy your coffee or tea. Enjoy the moment of waking up from your dreams. Enjoy the opportunity in front of you to walk into your vision on this day. What a gift, better than anything wrapped in a bow. With the final sip, swear your allegiance to Love. Amen. ❤️🦋

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