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Ego in the Spiritual Community

Yesterday I was excited to join in the mass meditation. It was beautiful. What was also highlighted for me more than ever is this constant need to mold spirit and spirituality. People innately want to belong. Thus they join a spiritual or religious group and start to fit into the mold. Wearing the shit that group wears or eating their foods or speaking their language and throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I’ve been there years and years ago. Speaking a different language, being called a different name, learning an entirely new culture. It was beautiful to a point. But I ultimately left all that behind in an instant. In fact, I’ve done it a few times when I was young. I’m grateful for those experiences. They taught me a lot.

But yesterday I watched what I can see as “spiritual ego.” Well intending individuals who took up time and space for their messages to be passed along. But their messages were often authoritative, restricted, and finger pointing. Everyone has a theory on why we are collectively experiencing this pandemic. Cool. But the problem with the numerous theories is they are inviting others to point their fingers and sit on their perch and preach. Their way is the right way and now we all must change our collective ways.

True. We always have needed to course correct and now we are being given that chance. But with all the finger pointing going on I can see that even the preachy of the preachy have their own shit to work out.

All that to say, in the collective view, let’s not subscribe to the narrow views. We do not have to look, act or be in a prescribed way. I don’t give a shit if you wear a beard on your face or a scarf or a dress or beads or chant or sit half naked in meditative positions in front of a photo of constellations. It’s cool to be a part of the collective billion dollar spiritual community of influencers. But the ones I like the most never beg for a following. They don’t alter who they are. They are authentic to themselves. I saw that too yesterday. That was cool.

Be you. Don’t be a mold of someone you feel is better than you. Don’t try to fit in to be loved. Don’t go after the gurus or the self proclaimed enlightened. They are on this same human journey as you. God is within you. You can read a thousand books, journey to a thousand places, hear a thousand tales. All of them, no matter how intricate or ancient they are lead back to the very same thing: Love is within you. That you can count on and no one can lead you back to you. That’s your own journey. You’ll see after you reach the peak of that journey. After you’ve searched far and wide. You’ll discover it was always there. 🦋 ✌🏽❤️🌏

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