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God and Goddess Discuss Love…

Together we Create. Together we enjoy our Creations. Goddess will go off and create a masterpiece, as she thinks of her Lover God. She runs in to show him her Sunset and he sits with her and watches her twirl in the golden light, more beautiful now that she has created.

He is in love with her and she with him. He was inspired by her and wanted to give her a gift she could always treasure. He thought about it for a few moments and wondered what would capture her heart in an image, sound, breath, Life… He decided to create the Moon in her honor. No longer would the night they had created hide her face from him. As he made love to her, her body would be illuminated by the Light in the sky created by the Moon. Goddess loved that he Loved to see her, she moved differently at night. What in turn could she create for him… What would represent her Love for him… She thought for a moment after making love to him and it was there in her mind’s eye: she would create for him a forest to play in.

She took him there, showed him her Creation and he marveled at how well she knew him. It was a perfect gift! Simply Divine. They danced under the canopy of trees while listening to the sounds of the forest. God knew that Goddess loved water. He wanted to give her something Grand. Within a moment he went into the Light of his heart and Created the Ocean, warmed by the sun and moved by the Moon. Wow, was she enamored by such a grand gift!

This is the true story of Creation. All things from Love, created into matter, were from the hearts of the Lovers.


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