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The Gift of Vision

The gift of vision: when one has a deep inner vision in their life it is a calling like no other. On the one hand, we have to ask ourselves: are we prepared for the call? Can we rise to that level of vision? Are we brave enough? Can we open enough to receive its offering? Are we capable enough of listening to next steps? Are we willing to align to those steps? Do we know the true meaning of letting go?

You will glimpse into the vision and sign on when it appears easy. You may even be brave enough when the vision seems more challenging. At some point you assuredly will face the perception of losing it, only to ask yourself, Why? The narrative tends to be: Was I being mislead? Did I do something wrong? Do I deserve that kind of vision? Is vision even possible? Was I delusional? This is why people settle. It hurts too much to follow vision...

Even if you are brave enough to follow your vision, the truth, which may even feel like a trick, is that you must also be willing to let it go. You have to be capable of receiving it and releasing it and that is one of the hardest parts of the vision.

We tend to either reject its magnitude and magnificence in our lives for fear of the call, the undertaking, and the potential loss of it. Or we allow ourselves to rise to the vision and then we cling onto what we have created and therefore restrict its ability to evolve past the inevitable perception of loss. This is until the moment you finally realize that you can open all the way to hear the vision and the call, allow that magnitude of vision into your life, feeling all of its glory and then allowing it to appear to recede like beautiful gardens dying just to be reborn. And then you realize that nothing is gone. You’ll never lose it. You will only lose what you cling onto, which is the illusion.

Note- we already accepted the call. We are alive and experiencing this lifetime and we will all experience the perception of loss of it. Death as we have been structured to see it is an absolute that all us face, over and over in our lifetime. It is There to potentially teach the most beautiful truths or there to blunt our ability to love forever...or at least until we learn its truths and open back up after experiencing its deep and painful lesson of loss.

So are we willing to receive the visions and the gifts of this lifetime? Or will we fend them off due to the fear of losing them? Or worse, getting them and not wanting it after all. This perpetual state of fear and dissatisfaction. Can we transcend that? Then allow it all back in; the highest of the highs, and be prepared to lose it without this defense of detachment that blunts the anticipation of the loss?

It’s a tricky thing, this thing called vision. Yet we came here prepared to follow it the moment we took our first breath.♾🦋✨

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