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To the Mothers Who Try and Stop Their Young Daughters from Falling in Love. Don’t Do That!

Young love is often times such a beautiful love. Yet jaded adults like to intervene with comments like:

  • You’re too young to know love

  • You’ll get your heart broken

  • That’s just puppy love

  • It will never last between you two, you have your whole life in front of you

Do your daughter a favor and teach her what it means to love fully and freely. Don’t hinder her heart with your heartbreak. Her first love may be the magic she needs to believe in this world and follow her dreams. Have faith in her that if she does get her heart broken, she is grounded enough and powerful enough to rise with the fall. Don’t stop her from falling, this is where she will rise. Let her cry if she is sad, let her love if she is in love. Allow her to be free and be unrestricted from your fears in young love. You won’t lose your daughter to love, you’ll gain a woman that stands in her ultimate power; the power gained from the heart.

Don’t minimalize young love and call it puppy love. It’s often the young love that is more innocent and powerful that the older, jaded love. Let the the lovers be.

It’s true, they are likely to break up, just like you’re likely to break up with your partner as an adult. Stop teaching her that marriage is a one stop shop to love. All of us adults know that is not true. Their potential for breakup should never stop anyone from embracing Cupid’s arrow. Some may thrive together and grow even when they parted ways. Allow the love or you may lose your daughter. A young woman in love is a fighter, she will turn on anyone who doesn’t believe in her heart. Let her show you what is possible when you allow her heart to be free. Her free heart paves the way to her dreamer heart. She is far more likely to follow her dreams if she has a free heart, even if her heart breaks. Let it break. Let her love.

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