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One of my favorite words is Freedom.  Freedom translates as liberation from anything that holds you back in life.  What holds most people back are the following blocks: past trauma, depression, anger, fear, anxiety, judgments, limiting beliefs and perceptions, cultural conditioning, generational patterning, lack of health and vitality, dis-ease…and more. Often times when one or more of those blocks are dominant or prevalent in a person’s life, that person is identified with that way of being.  More often than not, that person feels defeated, isolated, separated, alone, and despondent. They have lost the sparkle in their eyes and they have resigned themselves to the belief that life is just this way.


As a spiritual advocate I am here to collaborate with you on different possibilities.  The possibility of you believing again, the possibility of you healing the wounds of the past. The possibility of you liberating your heart to go all in and love with wild abandon.  What if you and I talked about your dreams? What if you got in touch with the excitement within you again or maybe for the first time? What would it be like to feel momentum and joy more often than not? Is it possible that I can advocate for your health, happiness, and overall willingness to go all in and live a life of a dreamer?


I not only believe it is possible, I know it is probable with your willingness to take that step.  I too am the wounded warrior who has gone down the path of healing. I too have wanted to give up in the past and I also have felt defeated.  Climbing out of the ditch of defeat can feel daunting, but I had other wounded warriors by my side who advocated for my soul. Spirit was right beside me, sometimes carrying me out of the ditch and breathing new life into me.  Often times, I would only be required to take one little baby step. Even that step felt daunting. Yet I had spiritual warriors by my side who stood in for me and made me believe that I could take that baby step. Step by step I learned how to heal, and I remembered how to dream.  I became a believer again and I reconnected to that Light within me that gave me a passion for assisting others in reconnecting to that Light within them.


I cannot do the work for you.  I cannot heal you. But I can advocate for your Soul.  I can be a lighthouse for you and assist in guiding you back to your heart and heal it so it can beat with passion and joy again.


The services I offer vary depending on who I am collaborating with. Occasionally, we will work with the practices and principles of Spiritual Psychology.  Other times, I will observe you and work with you on the energetic field of Spirit. We will pray, we will go on a vision quest, we may retrieve a part of your soul that you may have lost, and I may Illuminate a part of you that requires Light to re-enter.  There are many different techniques on the medicine wheel. No one technique works for everyone. I will collaborate with you and with Spirit in order to stand by your side as you climb out of your own ditch. I will show you which steps you can take in order to get out of that ditch faster and forever. You’ll learn to recognize pitfalls along the way of life, and you will receive guidance in navigating the human experience in a way that only true Freedom can bring. I look forward to watching you liberate yourself from all of the things that were once emotional chains. Together, we will find your dreams and start living your visions.  Once and for all you will Liberate Yourself to Love.





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