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After years of studying Love, here is what I know: When we take the time to identify and remove the barriers to Love we step into a life where we step out of the predictability of patterns and upset and transcend into a life of reemergence, momentum, and a deeper connection to Joy, Inner Peace, and True Love. We breathe differently.  We love more fully. We feel alive again.

Your relationships matter.  Your relationship to the Infinite, to Yourself, your family, friends, business, health, lover, and ultimately connecting to the oneness of all that is will allow you to remove yourself from the duality of suffering and into the sacred union of the One. How you are in relationship to yourself and others directly impacts the essence of your energy and ability to live a full and complete life.  Being in “right relationship” is the desire for many of us. But how do we get there?

Love is the leader. This site is a way-shower; it is here to assist you on your path of liberating yourself to Love in all ways and in all areas of your life.  Here you will have the opportunity to transcend what creates the blocks to your ultimate realization of True Love and move on to lead in Love!  

I am glad you have found this site. Together, we will go on a journey. All that is required is suspended judgment and a willingness to dive into possibilities.


Think of a time in your life where you experienced the mystery of life; connecting deeply to that moment of childlike joy. Recently I had this experience. I was on a bike ride for the first time in many years. The weather was beautiful; I was in Sausalito, California. We came to this section in the road where we had to share the road with cars. At first, I was afraid. I did not wear a helmet and we were going downhill. All of the sudden, I let go into the moment and off I went down that hill as fast as I could. I felt like I was flying. I felt free. I felt the life inside of me and all around me. I felt like a kid. I had many moments like that on this particular trip, but it reminded me of something very important that I often forget in my everyday life. 

Very rarely do we ever truly let go. Very rarely do we open up to the experience of the mystery of life and allow it to consume us in the moment. More often than not we are more conscious of and connected to the suffering and the dullness of all that is. But how do we plug into the magic of each moment? 


I realize we have a lot of valuable content on the “Now.” I also believe we have lost context of what the Now moment really is, thus I will abandon the phrase for a moment. Instead, I will think of it as free falling in the moment into the Divine mystery of this lifetime…How do we bring more of that into our present reality and shift our conscious point of focus away from the suffering and into the wonder and mystery of life…let’s journey through the infinite possibilities together and find out!

Meet Karie


Karie is a student of the Divine and an advocate for Love. Her intention is to lead as many hearts Home in her lifetime as possible.  She is a believer in people’s dreams and greatest visions and she has witnessed miraculous transformations in individuals; including herself.  Karie walks the path of service in advocacy. Her ability to assist others in their own healing journey is her natural calling in life. Karie has direct experience with witnessing people come back to Life and embrace this Life with passion and momentum; regardless of past trauma or wounding.  She will assist you with your visions and advocate for your dreams. Karie will see your possibilities where you may have forgotten them.  


After spending over ten years assisting others as a legal advocate, Karie decided to expand her services as a spiritual advocate.  She has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, and a certification in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. Karie has also studied with shamans around the world and has been gifted with initiations and healing practices taught in the Himalayas, Andes and Amazon. Karie is certified by the Four Winds in Energy Medicine and uses ancient healing modalities to assist others in moving into their Highest Vision of Self. 

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