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Acknowledging What is for You and What is Not for You, and Knowing the Difference

It is so important to differentiate between making someone wrong for certain actions or inactions vs. simply acknowledging within yourself that it is not for you. This principle is especially important in relationships. Making someone wrong puts you in a place of upset, blame, and powerlessness. It’s the “they did this to me.” Or “how can they do this or not do that?” Your energy is stuck with that person. Freedom lies in your ability to recognize the thing done or not done that may have impacted you and simply state within yourself, “That’s not for me. That is not an experience I want to recreate with you again.” For example, if someone speaks to you disrespectfully, or they make agreements with you that they were not able to uphold, you go within and remind yourself that is not for you. It’s okay to let them know that too. No blame, no shaming, just simply stating who you are. It is equally helpful to understand that whatever is done or not done has nothing to do with you. It relates to the other person’s inner being and state of consciousness. Thus, while it feels personal and targeted, it’s not about you. You don’t have to accept it. You can leave it with that person in their state. It’s simply not for you. What is for you will resonate. It will flow. It will be receptive. It will feel good, even at times of pressure. It will be mindful and respectful of the other. You’ll lean in rather than pull away. The challenge though for many is learning to walk away from a life they have created with another. Sometimes it’s a short term connection and sometimes it’s a long term connection. Your life will change. Maybe where you live will change. Your access to resources may change. Your family dynamic may change. Yet, even with change and perhaps the shock or fear of it, if you are willing to allow the change in order to honor what is right for you, you will free yourself and the other respectfully and with honor. Consciously tune into what is for you and what is not for you. Allow that to be your inner guide. Often times we witness someone compromising who they are or what they believe in just to hold onto that person. This will never work in the long term. The connection is based in fear. True connection is connection irrespective of circumstance. True connection honors what is for you and what is for them. Light to your love. ️

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