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Love is our greatest teacher.

Love is our greatest teacher, yet we tend to avoid her lessons when she breaks our heart. Rather than reflect and allow, we bury the heartache in our addictions and behaviors. We deny a love that was once so true. We reshape and reconfigure the meaning of love. We tend to turn bitter and we lose faith in possibility. We become guarded and shut off.

In order to live a life of true freedom and connect deeply with this lifetime of possibilities in love, it is important to look at our love lessons. We want to uncover our hidden truths and expose our heart to the heartbreak.

Take out a piece of paper and write down the names of every significant love in your life. From parents to siblings, former friends and lovers, and current loved ones. Meditate on each one. What comes forward when you do? What messages does your heart have for you about that person? Turn on Native American drumming. Go on a journey or vision quest and ask Spirit what you need to know about this love. Is there anything that you want to say to this person that was left unsaid?

I personally experienced this. I began by writing. I was guarded in my writing until I clearly heard Spirit ask me to let go. Let go of what others thought or how I perceived myself. My heart took over and my hands wrote. I never knew I had so much to say. I would cry as the words were put down, feeling the heartbreak and releasing the truth. In some cases it felt very painful. Even though I loved, I wasn’t always received in love. I had to write anyway. Feel anyway. See what was true. I hid nothing despite ridicule and judgment. I exposed my heart right onto my sleeve.

By doing this I uncovered truths about myself and opened myself up to the lessons that love had shared with me in my lifetime. I told Love the truth, which is that I understood why people gave up on her or undermine her. She showed me the possibilities in heartbreak and reminded me of a love within me that is so pure. Then she asked me, “would you take any of it back knowing your heart would break?” I took a deep breath in and despite what I once would have told her, I said, “No. I would keep the experiences.” Then I thanked Love. She opened my heart to so much love!

Don’t cut cords with people. Clear cords with people. Clear the connections. See the Light between you. Forgive and clear. In Love we fully accept the humanity in all of us. We are not afraid to see what the other is saying to us or demonstrating to us. We are open to feeling love or rejection. Listen deeply with your heart and speak freely from the soul. Clear the energy between you.

I came to completion with the past pain and realized no one comes here and gets away without heartbreak. Your heart is meant to break. You cannot stop it from breaking. There are no safeguards. After it shatters, your capacity for love will be significant if you allow Love's lessons. When my heart was broken I was broken. When my heart was given the chance to heal it showed me mountains and vistas of love from places I never knew were possible.

Sit with your heart and review your loves now, while it’s still possible to love fully. Don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed to review Love. Take the leap of faith. Love is grand!

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