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Ladies, enough with this Twin Flame thing!

This notion that there was one soul split into two and one is an asshole runner with the other a weak chaser is for the birds babe. While you may have a divine connection which acknowledges the soul of your counterpart, you are not meant to be on a ridiculous ride of the alleged twin flame journey.

True love is so much deeper than that. It is a love that doesn’t sway. You can live with or without them; possibly with a preference to live with them. Importantly, it’s mutual. The push pull chaos is unhealthy. You’ll know love when at the height you can both delight in the presence of another. It’s not that hard. It’s love. It’s beautiful. It’s medicine that transforms.

Fall for no falsehood that says you have to get to neutrality of the soul and simply love yourself Divine. The truth is, once you’re in neutrality with another, the love and passion is dead. That sucks. Who wants that? No, you deserve desire. It’s damn beautiful, sexy, and alive. The run/chase stuff is for armatures. Look the runner in the eye and put on your flip flops and chill; that ain’t your twin babe, that’s your ex. Thank them for the journey and exit the arena.

I’ll write a deeper piece on this later. There is magic and the mystic in love. It’s been known by all the ancient wisdom keepers. The counterparts do trigger growth in consciousness. Their sexual energy does transform. There is world-changing sacred union. But it does not thrive in the distortion of this trendy twin flame hoopla. Free yourself of that myth baby love. Go for the good love.

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