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Sexual Distortion is the Cause of All War

Sex and sexuality are beautiful experiences of being human. Beauty, physical touch, Eros, attraction, passion. When sex and sexuality are mainly governed by pure lust and vast distortion, then the capacity to know the difference between just fucking someone or fantasizing about it vs truly making love to someone is lost. It’s not simply tantric, which is also often misapplied, that brings you to the ecstasy of making love yet also enjoying sex and sexuality.

You cannot make love to just anyone; yet those stuck in distortion will try to call it love. A deep inner ability to trust yourself enough to open to to rising above the Madonna/Whore complex and the wounded feminine the man who harms the feminine with his actions, or the woman who has the wounded masculine, looking to be loved.

True intimacy is deeper than the average person will allow, simply because of the vast distortion in sex…thus, there is war and there will continue to be war until sex and sexuality rises to the level of the capacity to make love. As soon as you truly make love, the inherent war within you will rise. Most cannot face it, so they run from it and fuck another, and another, and another. Very few can conquer the war within when true love comes a knocking. To rise above this inner war, first be open to the possibility of what making love can do to heal the wounded who were born to love. Here is a hint: it starts with self trust, and a shedding of an adopted skin. You’re meant to make love. May we all collectively continue to shed the skin of sexual distortion and awaken to a deeper capacity to experience the ecstasy of love.

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